What is Crowdsourced Testing?

Crowdsourced Testing is a rising pattern in software testing which uses the advantage, viability, and effectiveness of a large amount of people to remotely test websites, mobile apps, products and services.  it is different from traditional in-house testers who much be present at one central location to carry out a test. The product is put to test under assorted sensible stages which makes it more solid, financially savvy, quick, and bug-free. In expansion, crowdsource testing takes into account remote ease of use testing since particular target gatherings can be enlisted through the group.

This technique for testing is considered when the product is more client driven. It is as often as possible executed with gaming, versatile applications, when specialists who might be hard to locate in one spot are required for a particular testing, or when the organisation does not have the assets or time to complete the testing in-house.

Gone are those traditional approaches of getting your app/website/product tested by a group of people physically present in your office. We have come up with an online crowd testing platform to reform the software development across the globe. In today’s era, it is the most efficient, viable and quickest way to integrate and optimise the quality of the software products. You can either become a client or a tester.

On this platform, you can specify your requirements like device configuration and the necessary skill sets required for testing. The testers are identified based on the skill sets mentioned and then work is assigned to a team of highly tech-savvy and friendly experts. At a short notice, they would educate you about technical glitches, bugs etc, eliminate them and make your software glimmer, based on their logical thinking. Your dream becomes their zeal and your software is tested in real-world situations with diversified blending of hardware and software. Crowd testing also provides a wide array of testing platforms, tools and analytics.


  • Speeds up the development process thus gearing up the product release
  • Consumes less time. Test cycles can be executed faster, as multiple testers are involved.
  • Easy and ample availability of resources
  • Feedback loops can be reduced by providing a concise list in a short duration.
  • Product/app/website quality improves and increases when there is Combined skills, ideas and participation of real time testers.
  • Gives different insights on testing like networks, geographical conditions, constraints as per the age, load test on application/website when multiple users are using it etc.
  • Testers are available in different time zones, thus having flexibility at work
  • Cost effective modern approach

So, boost up your sales by not letting the customers find your bugs. Just shell out few bounties from your pocket, contact us and emerge as the most perfect company.